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⋅≪ BYF/Accept RQ ≫⋅


I usually don't make these, but since I saw more ppl making, I gained courage

this is formatted like this:

✯ the important part you should read

- the whys & hows in detail (it'll make more sense if you read this part, but it's skippable)


There's literally only 1 thing

✯ Don't do/say anything sexual near me, thx

- You can simp for characters idc, just don't talk abt real ppl in a sexual way near me & by real ppl I mean: yourself, me, actors(not their characters) or anybody else you know(even if it's your partner) - thx !! 

Disclaimer: This doesn't count for bulletins obviously, I'm not gonna gatekeep them + I can simply not read if it mentions any of the stuff above

BYF/ Accept RQ

✯ I almost never use tone tags

- I will if asked, but by myself I usually won't. Except, when I think a joke is heavy or ambiguously mean. 

✯ You can call me out abt anything I do

- If I do something that you think is bad or idk, that I just shouldn't do in general. PLEASE, tell me. I can't read minds after all. Thank you.

✯ I am able to separate art from it's author or fanbase, thanks

- I don't need to agree or condone any of the author's actions or it's fanbase to enjoy something. If you think the creator did something fucked up, I will probably agree with you. If you think the fanbase/fandom is annoying or pushes it's limits, I will also probably agree with you. Still won't stop me from enjoying it lol.

- If you HATE something or it TRIGGERS you, I can simply not talk abt it when near you!

✯ I have a huge fear of missing out L

- That's why you'll see stuff like 1k words for my favorite games & etc / I don't want to miss out on a possible mutual or friend bcs I forgot to put/to show something I can actually talk abt. So, uh, don't judge me for that ig? 


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