What are the differences between MySpace and Spacehey?

I never had myspace. I was only born when it was a thing so I didn't ever get to use it.

I've seen some pictures and our looks very similar to but there must have been some differences. Like it looks like u could recommend music or something? And post pictures

Can any of you older ppl or anyone who knows tell me the differences between myspace ans spacehey and if this is just as good or it;s not the same as myspace.

i'm guessing its not the same but it must be cool to see something so similar here now.

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Not old but know a bit about web history

myspace was a lot more formal, well not a LOT more formal, but formal enough. and it had a super duper emphasis on music. like back in '06 every garage band you knew was on there. the older userbase hated it but it was a major selling point.

its actually pretty interesting how myspace influenced early tumblr culture (the 'tumblr hipster' aesthetic of the early 2010s likely had its roots in myspace, not to mention all the various forms of tiny images and cringeworthy memes), and most of spacehey today is influenced by post-porn-ban tumblr culture. it wrapz aroun

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that is atually very interesting

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