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Stolen from fb

Something no one tells you when you’re suicidal, is that even the smallest people will remember you. They’ll wonder why you haven’t bought dog food for your dog, where the pictures of your girlfriend went, or why their favorite cashier hasn’t been there for a while. People will miss seeing you online. There are hundreds of people who know you that you don’t even realize, and they care, too. People notice you. Even if it’s for your jokes, even if it’s for your patience, even if it’s just seeing you around. People miss you. People love you. People care.

I’m grateful for everyone who is still here today, no matter how hard it is. I love you.

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And then there's those who feel like they don't even have that after reading that...

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that's the thing though, most of the people who would actually notice if we were gone, are unnoticed by us, but we still make an impact regardless

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