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working on an album


basically, i'm working on my first album ever. it's going to be a mix of subgenres of alternative rock, heavily inspired by fall out boy, stomachaches by frank iero, ghost, and a ton of other stuff. i already have the name but i most likely won't share it until the album is done (also, i wont be able to put it on any music streaming sites until i turn 14 and get money so it'll be on youtube until then) but i'm super excited for it!! i have the lyrics done for 3 songs already, and it's most likely gonna be a pretty short album (8-10 songs)

if you want to support it, just try support me and i'll get more motivation to do it xD

anyway, it'll most likely be done by sometime in early 2023, which until then i'll try to hype it up on other stuff (tiktok, instagram, stuff like that) and i'll post update posts on my blog here :D

i hope you guys are as excited as i am for this <33

love ya,


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a ✩

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sick! cant wait!! seems cool!

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