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October Diary

October 25th, 2022

Hi! My apologies for being absent for so long. I used to use my school computer to update but my school had blocked Spacehey along with multiple other websites so I kinda forgot to go on here since during school was the only free time I really had.

Ive also been busy with school work and other things such as chores and taking time to work on myself.

Hopefully, I can revive this account and I hope that my blog gets recognition! One of my dreams is to at least have somewhat of a big following online so hopefully this is the first step to that.

Anyways, enough with the apology & excuses. Lets get to the actually interesting part of this.

So, yesterday was my birthday! I turned 14 but I dont really feel older, I still feel like the same person. Honestly, Im afraid of growing up because one day Ill have to be fully independent, meaning that if I fall down in life or need help, help may not come as easily to me or even come at all. But lets not focus on the depressing stuff!

I got all the things I wanted off my birthday list except for a weighted blanket, which Ill probably get during Christmas.

From my list, I got: A My Melody wallet, a nail top coat, a nail hardener, a pentacle necklace, a nonscented lotion, & some patches for when I have breakouts.

Other things I got that werent on my list were: candy, an energy drink, nail files, & a nail clipper

Aaand of course, I got money! I spent some of it at Target and 5 Below but I still have about 40 left. I think Im going to save up my money and only use it for stuff I actually need or really want.

I was able to see my aunt yesterday too! And I talked to my father which is always a good thing. When I talked to my grandfather, he said that he had mailed my card which means Ill most likely get more money since hes like hella rich!!!

But, thats about all I have to say regarding my birthday.

I am thinking about going to early college next year since it sounds really good to me. Almost all of our expenses will be paid by the college and there are slightly less rules (such as there being vending machines and being able to get food delivered to the school). The classes will be harder though and the guy who talked to us about it said that we would most likely cry but I think Ill be able to handle it since Ive gone through a lot of hard things (most of them being related to mental illness) and Im currently taking 2 highschool classes and they arent as hard as I thought theyd be, but the early college classes are going to be harder than my highschool classes.

I also kinda only want to go to early college because I want to eventually become a psychiatrist!

But, thats all for me! To anyone who read this far, thank you and I appreciate you!

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