Does anyone else remember "Onverse"?

It was an old virtual game you were able to play on computer. It was like second life, but it wasn't second life, and there was a lot more games you could do on there? I noticed a lot of old virtual games are closing/closed down. Like meez, Ourworld, ect. Did anyone else play those games when they were younger? Like I played Moviestarplanet but I was like 8 when I played that.

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Memories by Wayne

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Absolutely remember Onverse! I joined up during the beta days around Thanksgiving 2009 and was there until it shut down. I wasn't on there as much as some. But I had my nice little 2 story villa on Island #10 I enjoyed decorating, going PP hunting. As well as playing Icefall and Splatball. Had a lot of fun on there. Made a few friends that I still connected to and chat with today. I was TheScripter. :-)

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Moviestarplanet has the worst community in online history

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Pam's Space

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I tried Meez before but don't remember much about it. Thanks for the welcome :)

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