my original characters

i think i mentioned this last post••• i have some ocs that are in a story i came up with around a year ago and rn im making said story into a game !

if i figure out how to release the game to other people when it’s done , i will put it here !

the main characters are Raymond and Callie (full name Coleen)
they are siblings , both part human and part alien
Raymond stays on earth and Callie stays on the alien planet Polchromas because of their genes
the main government group on Polchromas is called Bekampa , their next project is to build a robot designed to protect any higher ups as the species is typically weaker
Callie is hired as an engineer for this project and asks Raymond to help her as well 
he is reluctant , since he needs to sneak onto the planet where beings who look like typical humans will not be allowed in
SKIPPING SOME DETAILS I HAVENT FIGURED OUTwhen Raymond is working on the internal functions of the robot (named Kull) he thinks that adding alien DNA to the system will help it adapt better
while Callie is sleeping or away , he adds in samples of his blood since he has both species /and almost dies of blood loss  egads !
what this did though was make Kull target the aliens instead 
AGAIN I STILL DONT HAVE DETAILS BUT ! i know that there will be parts where the species runs risk of going extinct , Callie is attacked by Kull in some way making her lose a limb and Raymond contemplates how to get out 

idk i hope this was interesting to someone  BYEBYE
todays post is dedicated to ME for writing all this out #yaaasss

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