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moar about me!!!

hello and welcome to my page!!! if u want to know more about me, here's some stuff to know!!!


  • milo
  • 19
  • INFP
  • type 3w4
  • aquarius
  • salavdoran
  • asexual, she/they
  • i rlly like cartoons and anime!! feel free to talk to me about shows or recommend me some that you think i would be interested in :)
  • im clinically depressed and have anxiety, be patient w me plz <3
  • not only do i like drawing, but i like writing one shots and fics as well!!!
  • ur welcomed to have any requests!! if there are more peeps interested, ill post my guidelines
  • if u cant tell by my profile, i love the 2000s, especially 2000s and trad goth! i like listening to the music and dressing up the fashion. plz dont be an elitist a-hole here :)

  • before u friend me...

    dni if you're:

    • a bigot (homophobic, transphobic, abelist, sexist, racist, anti-feminist, etc.)
    • a terf, swerf, or radfem
    • a pdf file/MAP, condone them or l0li/sh0ta content; it still applies
    • a marilyn manson fan (used to be a fan years back and i regret it)
    • ur a proshipper; if u ship blmastu, tcest, or metalcest, go away and get help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • into ddlg/cgl (makes me uncomfy). age regression is ok as a coping mechanism but if ur treating it like a k!nk ur blocked :)
    • sending hate, sewerslide bait, death threats or harassing me or others
    • 14 and under

    thx a bunch for reading!!!!!! hope we'll be friends <3

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