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I'm so bored, I woke up and my joints decided to take a shit on me </3 I didn't really want to go to school anyways, today I have my least favorite classes, but it beats being stuck in bed. I'm going to take a lot of anti-inflammatories and try to get the kitchen, my room, and a bit of the living room picked up. I might play with my friend jupi today! Idk if we're going to go on terraria or roblox but either way i'm happy xD i sadly do need to do school work while i'm home, they post all the work on google classroom. my essay got posted as an "exemplary example of what students should do in the future" so i'm currently riding that ego wave LMAO. i'm sure it'll be knocked down the next time i'm forced into a social situation and have no idea what to do </3 doesn't really matter now anyways, i'm gonna make some tea soon and try to enjoy myself while father is out for the day :D

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