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fuck it

i hate ppl in skool :( sum rr sexist sum rr impulsive sum rr bulliez sum rr creepee but les just talk aboiut the boy who sit right next to me. his name is H, the first time we met he looked funny and really friendly and then recently he started talking ... strange. he disgusted me by mocking me, saying that i looked more like a BOY than a teenager girl. it makes me feel insecure. it makes me had a nervous breakdown which i hate. aaaand the next day feels like fucking hell. he scolded me for doing my maths homework wrong. i yelled back because he's nosing into my business. he hit me. he didn't notice. i'm crying. and yeah he always right. yes yes his excuses makes sense. i'm sorry he said. he pat me. but i know. he's lying. sometime he borrows me stuff and he promise he will give me back that thing but he never did. i hate it and i felt numb. i don't know what to do tomorrow.

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bad dude -rep

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