post gandalf with big naturals

i feel like my art is getting to a point im really happy with

or at least i am taking an interest enough in what im creating to want to share it again

but at the same time as much as iwant others to see

i also dont want to deal with the horrifying ordeal of being known

i dont want to be in that social media space anymore but i miss when my friends could see my art and interact with it and influence it

also no one on spacehey give a shit what i make

nothing personnel against spacehey people

its probably more due to the fact im not adding a lot of people than the people not being interested

but its like

im tired
i think i'll go to bed

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I have a feeling that spacehey in particular will never be a great place to share art. A lot of the people here seem to make profiles and add friends more for a self serving type of collection than to actually read and engage with other people.

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Yeah that checks out
I try my best to interact with people's posts because that's what I liked about spacehey
It felt like a social media in its barest form
Without all the advertising and shitty updates and invasiveness
And I was excited to make new friends and have people to talk to again but no one often interacts with the things I put up
I think genuinely you are the only person who interacts with me regularly

by Pebby; ; Report

It's a real shame too. Spacehey feels like it could be great, but people in our generation have such a hard time properly engaging with it. I hope you do find a platform which feels more validating of your effort or find more people who are willing to put work in here.

by Fawkes; ; Report

Thank you

by Pebby; ; Report

It's been a while and the amount of interaction you get on the site seems to have picked up. Has any of this changed?

by Fawkes; ; Report

hmm, i think im happier than i was when i made this post. but i think i was talking more specifically about my art ? and my opinion on that wavers and changes all the time. At the moment i dont have any issues, i dont particularly care if people see it or not, but that can change at any moment

by Pebby; ; Report