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some stuff aboot me!

hi, im kenner! :-D

some stuff about me:

age: 15

gender: male

height: 5'6" 3/4

country: canada

join date: july 22, 2012 (over a year ago)

interests: technology, video games, music, rage comics

music genres i like: alternative rock, nu metal, rap metal, pop punk, emo, rap, hip-hop

some artists i like: evergreen terrace, the all-american rejects, blink-182, green day, my chemical romance, eminem, mf doom, yellowcard, deftones, nofx, rage against the machine and linkin park

some artists i hate: justin beaver, rebecca black, nicki minaj, miley cyprus, skrillex (overrated)

i will not tolerate:

racist comments

homophobic comments

transphobic comments

sexist comments

sexual comments

creepy comments

anyone under the age of 13

anyone over the age of 35 (except my parents)

my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kennerfee100

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Found out I was gay at 12, never too young bro. Hope no one gives you shit for it!

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yea i hope so

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