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working on my album

been working on it for about 8 months now on and off.. want it to be kind of an introduction to the music i make.., its more a bassline for my music to jump off of then a solid statement on what i want to always make. besides for that, its genuinely one of the most beautiful things ive ever made and im taking my sweet time to make sure i like the final product, it wont be "perfect" however. the tracklist and song titles have changed overtime but the overarching story has stayed the same. there is a storyline to it, but i wont share it, the message is basically just be grateful for the people around you and the struggle of working through being a shitty person. 

And its coming out!!.........    when i finish the vocals (soon)

genre is like a mix of rock, emo and 15 gorbillion different electronic musical genres


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