dni list pdi list and my triggers


over 18

under 12

bigoted (ableist racist homophobic transphobic antisemitic says the r slur against neos and xenos etc)

besides that i dont think any interest in something makes you a bad person haha 



drugs (non medical or abuse of medical)



loud noises

pretty simple dont mention things you shouldnt mention with people you just met (you can mention these if you ask i just need time to get prepared)

pdi (please do interact):

cookie run (kingdom) fans

queer people (specifically trans people since i need more people who actually can relate to me on a gender identity front)

any fan of anything i have listed on my profile

people who enjoy writing 

people with neurodivergencies (id rather my friends not think my 'minor' obsession with different pieces of media is weird)

might edit later but for now thats it 

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Actual Acorn

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mysteries of spacehey: why DNI lists always end up on the top blog entries

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why does this have so many kudos actually


by Lorraine second account; ; Report

Ms Myspace

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You shouldn't list your triggers online

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if anyones first couple of words are about my triggers then ill just block them
thank ya for tryin though

by Lorraine second account; ; Report

No problem, but still you should be careful since there's some people who will just spam message you your triggers, especially if you're someone who might be potentially at risk for targeting (which you might not be tbf, I'm just bored and going through blogs)

by Ms Myspace; ; Report


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first of all whats the r slur?
second of all whats vaping?
3rd of all whats cookie run (kingdon)?
4th of all isnt queer an insult i hear when i go on call of duty?
5th of all whats a neurodivergency?
i have so many questions

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the r slur is an ableist (ableism means oppression and prejudice towards people with mental or physical disabilities such as autism adhd etc) slur usually used to call someone stupid its also used in insults such as "libt**d" if you say it now you know its a slur so dont fucking say it
vaping vapes ecigarettes smoking
a video game
if youre hearing queer or gay as an insult youre in the wrong space
a divergency in the neurons such as autism adhd etc
happy to teach you if youre willing to learn though most people arent

by Lorraine second account; ; Report

a better description of queer for you, from wikipedia, "Originally meaning "strange" or "peculiar", queer came to be used pejoratively against those with same-sex desires or relationships in the late 19th century. Beginning in the late 1980s, queer activists, such as the members of Queer Nation, began to reclaim the word as a deliberately provocative and politically radical alternative to the more assimilationist branches of the LGBT community." and a lot of older lgbt folk do not like it, as it is hard to kind of separate that first meaning from it for them, so keep that in mind too

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I read "Pdi" as "Please do not interact" and I wondered what trans people did

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by Lorraine second account; ; Report

Same omg!
But like- I was about to cry, then I realized it said "please do interact" hehe

by Ricky; ; Report

please do not interact:
any fan of anything i have listed on my profile

thats so funny

by Lorraine second account; ; Report

Please do not interact:

(^This poor boy read it that way... -Gee)

by Ricky; ; Report

im so sorry

by Lorraine second account; ; Report

It's fine lol
It's better, and I saw it as "Please do interact" hehe

by Ricky; ; Report

i in fact do enjoy being around trans people

by Lorraine second account; ; Report

Same here tehehe

by Ricky; ; Report

can we be friends?

by Lorraine second account; ; Report


by Ricky; ; Report

i thought it said pls dont interact 2

by scenemo.mess666; ; Report

Ayy we aren't the only ones!

by Ricky; ; Report


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tbh this is my list too lmaooo

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give credit when using /j

by Lorraine second account; ; Report


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마음껏 플레이하세요 바카라 실제 사람들과 함께 전 세계에서 플레이하세요.

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