i love people

I love love people so much I love taking I love interacting it makes me so happy omg.

at job 2 I love asking customers what's their favorite color when giving them bobba straws. I love telling them x thing about them looks nice or that I like it. the other day I drew a little simily face on the recipty n gave it to the kid n he was so happy idk i just love it so much. the other day I gave this random lady a mall employee discount just bc it was fun talking to her convo went like this

*she orders*

"do you work here?" I asked because she had a Adidas shirt n very casual pants idk it just looked like she did we don't even have a Adidas

"no but I can be whoever you want lmao"

idk she was jjst soso nice n funny

also hate how that one coworker (M) is just so passive aggressive to costumers 4 no reason like bro chill they just asked a question dry bones looking bitch idk it also pissed me off people that are like bro it's genually fun being nice n friendly the dude at Starbucks waves at me everytime he sees me like damn 

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