work talk again

job1 is so stressful omfg people are so stupid it amazes me. I work at a Latino restaurant taking the phonen Latino people r so extra stupid n rude (I'm Latino too stfu) girly called me n conversation went like this

"hello my name is Renata and I made a other a long time ago and it didn't arrive yet"

"okay, just give me one second okay? (I was finishing one order)... okay so what's the address?"


"so the driver left with it 20 minutes ago it should be there soon"

"I want to cancel it it's been too long"

"but the driver left with it already"

"but I dont want it anymore its been too long"

"listen the driver already left and he should be there very soon"

*hangs up*

phones rings again n it's her

"hi my name is Renata and I want to cancel my order because it took to long"

"you just talked to me..."

"I want to cancel it"

"the driver left"

"but I dont want it anymore"

"fine, goodnight"

n I went to talk to the manager bc wtf, n the other was is on time too? I gave 50 minutes to 1 hour and she said I told her half a hour? i dont know how people dare to be bichty to workers expecially the ones that take your info 4 delivery, I literally have your address cunt like??? n your phone number if she had cussed me out I would've signed her up on one or two porn websites.

n it's so funny she called back expecting to talk to someone else

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