It's funny how it's my (soon to be ex) bo 1 year anniversary today but he proceeded put down how my hair looks (I going for a sailor moon type hairstyle that took me an hour to do because one, I have braids and I have a lot so it made my arm sore and the buns were super heavy so they kept falling down so I had to redo them) like literally the moment he walked in the class and looked at me he proceeded to say "ugh" and "your hair" and that sad part is, is that I knew he was gonna do it. because he's been doing it for so fucking long that I'm just used to it. But I still cried, and today was the day that I was officially done with him, I knew I was losing feelings but that last bit is gone for him. One way to celebrate your one-year anniversary am I right <3

Anyways. ILYA, I'll update you guys on what happens!

BTW; Imma do a review of the smile movie today since I'm gonna go see it with some friends and my (ex) boyfriend.

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