Lets talk about: Age Regression!

What Is Age Regression?Β β™‘Β 

Age regression is where someone regresses to a younger mindset, either as a trauma response,Β 
coping mechanism, or just for fun.
some people regress only a few years younger and some to childhood or even infancy.
for me it varies between the ages of 0-8. its also sometimes used in hypnotherapy.
its completely SFW and innocent.Β 
some people regress voluntarily but for some people (including me) its involuntary which means they
cant control when it happens. that can sometimes be inconveniently timed, and happen at a place or
time that it shouldnt but usually for me it isnt at an inconvenient time. although sometimes its annoying
because i want to regress and i cant but its ok! it usually happens when im triggered, sleepy, or just at
random times. theres a similar thing called "agedreaming", the difference between the two is that ageΒ 
dreaming is acting younger whereas age regression is actually having the mental capacity and age of a
young child, and feeling like one. these can also be known as "AgeRe" and AgeDre" for short.Β 
both are completely valid. :3 some people (me included) call their regression "littlespace" although some
people prefer not to use that term because its sometimes associated with DDLG and Ageplay which areΒ 
nsfw kinks or fetishes. it can be used in a sfw way too though!Β theres also a thing called a CG whichΒ 
stands for "caregiver"; a cg is someone who looks after a little/regressor, they can be platonic orΒ 
romantic. littles tend to call their cgs mommy/daddy or similar things like mama/dada etc, again all of this
is sfw! despite the negative associations with the nicknames, its just the same as calling a parent it.

My Regression!Β β™‘Β 

seeing as i had a traumatic childhood,Β i regress to relive it, kind of to live the childhood i didnt get to have.
:3 when im little i usually like to watch shows and movies that i liked to watch when i was a kid, and i likeΒ 
to have my childhood stuffie :D hes called Floppy and hes a bunny! i prefer to use age regression gear
such as adult pacifiers and adult sippy cups/bottles, i find them very soothing. i also like to color.

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