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I hate British Values

On Monday, I had to do a group project on...

** durm roll **

British Values..

I hate British Values, everything about it is a performative crap which SUPPOSEDLY one of them is respect and tolerance. The UK Government can't even do it and let's not forget Boris Johnson refer to Muslin women as "letterboxes" as when as said black people have "watermelon smile".

To also tip me off as well, most people in my group aren't taking it seriously (and who can blame them) as most slide is just shitpost kind of quality. I'm going to make my slide all by myself without them knowing as otherwise, they would get in the way and I am trying to save their assess from getting into trouble. Might as well as also bring my opinion to that whole British Values BS.

I don't care if that would get me into trouble for talking politics but you can't really talk about British Values without referencing politics. Sure, they just expect us to be kind and respect the differences but when the government has the balls to put their country into 'British Values', I am going to expect them to keep the same energy which they don't.

Long story short, British Values is nothing but a lie..

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Bring back Prussian Virtues

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