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mcr raleigh !

been a while since i posted huh? a few months !! anyway ! guess who saw mcr in raleigh in august !! THIS GUY!!!!!!! it was so incredible !! i think i mustve cried like, 5 different times /pos :"] 

it was literally the best night of my life!! i saw so many awesome people and awesome outfits and of course mcr was amazing!!! I CANT BELIEVE THEY PLAYED BURN BRIGHT AND NOISE JAM (or i guess its everybody hates the eagles now? idk!!)!!! the ghost of you too!!! really sad we didnt get early sunsets or headfirst for halos or anything but it was a great show !! we even ended off on helena (yk. so long and goodnight) how perfect is that?!?!

though i am kinda bummed i couldnt get any merch bc the line was ALLLLL THE WAY AROUND THE STADIUM so no boy zone shirt for charchar :( but its ok!! i have the eeeentire concert recorded and i rewatch it back all the time it makes me so happy that it makes up for no merch

it was the best night of my life ive never been happier take me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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