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I think gacha users are... kind of okay??

tw: brief mention of gacha heat and fetisization

I think gacha users are kind of okay. I know there's like issues such as the fetishization of mlm and gacha heat but I feel like all of the hate and cringe comps is like so unnecessary. remember yall most of the people making those types of videos are children and while it's not right and I don't agree with it you cant rlly expect them to know better. and all of the full grown adults making videos just bullying them (sometimes not even when it's anything harmful and it's literally just a kid having fun) is very immature. if u have a legitimate criticism make sure it's actual criticism. making videos and comps is only garnering the attention that the creators are striving for. don't add fuel to the fire. if it's literally just characters doing fun and wacky stuff then like... who cares😐 don't dismiss the rest of the community as weird and disgusting!! i might be bias because I used to do gacha but I got so much unwarranted bullying that I was just like I quit. which was sad because it was something that I genuinely enjoyed doing :(( so pls don't bully kids and thanks for coming to my ted talk

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I'd say the bigger problem is spending too much money and time on MMOs, and it's something adults can fall into aswell. One of my regrets from when I was a kid since I could've been doing more interesting things if I was more mature back then.

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