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Am I On Your Mind? 2

yeah, so remember the sad story about this one guy? God has answered my prayers. I'm just going to make this short. so, it all started 2 days ago. I was at my locker talking to my friend whose locker is on the floor across from mine. he walks past and waves, so I wave back. just being nice. then I turn back around to open my locker and I feel a light tap on my shoulder I look up at him and he speaks

"Uh can I get you're snap?"  I stand there looking clueless. and I just look down he goes. 

"Oh, I don't have anything with my right after school?" I just nod and he walks away. into his class... which is right across from my locker and sometimes I have trouble opening it so of course I almost fall trying to get it open. I prayed he wasn't watching Haha. sadly, he left early so he didn't get it...... he might ask Monday though. 

bro i am so scared i really like him..but my friends think i hate him...and they also hate him so if he asks me out again im not sure because id want to say yes...but i dont want everyone to hate me. 

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