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Feelings and teen depression

I feel like no one understands what I feel like. People say that I am acting like a victim, some people say the world would be a better place without me. I just don't understand why I'm here! There is no need. There's a saying "everything is meant to happen" or something right now I just can't focus at the moment. I feel like I'm doing something wrong! There must be, I mean there must be a reason for people to hate me and think the worst of me. Is there a reason for me to feel anxious? Not sure but like I don't wanna be milking it and making anyone feel sorry for me, I just want people to know what it feels like for a teenager when they are suffering from anxiety. I hope someone understands me. Even my friends thought in betraying them because I moved schools. I mean like they just ignored me for a whole week while I was there. I dunno I feel like they feel like I'm betraying them. I wish I could socialize well and feel wanted. Sometimes I feel like Im having social anxiety when I'm at weddings or soming I just wanna cry. I said to my most trusted adult (not giving the name cuz I don't want them to feel bad) that I needed a breather because I was having social anxiety. Guess what she said? She said "really, social anxiety?" In like a demeaning way (edit: she understands me better now that I told her and she is learning). Anyway I just wanted to blog bout my feelings so that I can relate to someone.

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gal.ish111's profile picture

i relate to you and understand you very much. i wish it wasn't so difficult all the time, i wish i could breath freely for a moment. just existing makes me overwhelmed so much.. but idk why i have faith that it's going to be better someday. whoever said being a teenager is fun, fucking lied. i know it will be better. i truly hope you find an answer soon and feel easy.♡

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Thank you for supporting me! And yes teenage years are friggin sooooo hard

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Frankie<3's profile picture

Im so sorry you feel that way, i know the feeling all too well. Please stay safe and ik its hard rn but it truly does get better

sending lots of love and hugs - Frnky

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Thank you 🫂virtual hug🫂

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Central Presbyterian Church, Fort Smith, AR

Central Presbyterian Chur...'s profile picture

We want you to know that you are not alone! Our pastor's wife battles bipolar disorder and anxiety, and she is open about it. We have an entry on our blog with her story if you are interested in reading.

Depression and anxiety are very real. They are not something you can wish, will or pray away. We know it's tough and it hurts. We are sorry for all you are going through right now. However, please also know that there is hope and resources available if you need it. We've listed some in her story.

Sending hugs and all good things your way!

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Thank you so much I really appreciate your support and sympathy it really means a lot

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Ramiro's profile picture

Honestly bro, most of those issues you will be able to just brush off as you go into college and then after college they will be barely in your mind. The main thing you gotta focus on is learning who YOU are and not what other people want you to be. If you feel like u dont fit in thats bc most kids in school are just big pretenders trying their hardest to fit in. As you grow older you will find people that think and feel and are interested in similar things that u are. But always remember who u are and what your values are and sticking to them

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Thank you for restoring faith 🫂

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littleben's profile picture

This may or may not help coming from a much older guy but 2 things I want to bring up is

1) Public schools suck. They are packed with underpaid and overworked teachers, and students who mostly have parents who could give half a shit what they do with their day or how they treat other people. Thrusting children into massively stressful social environments is not something I advocate. Especially in our modern environment. This is why my goddaughters are home-schooled.

2) Life isn't really about what other people can do for you... it's about what you can do for other people. Most teenagers will not embrace this concept and I understand that. But if you ever do, I PROMISE you your entire life and mindset changes. Almost overnight. There is no better feeling in the world than helping other people. And once this becomes a priority in your life, it gives you purpose. And purpose is what we are all truly searching for. A reason to be here. Just like you said in your blog.

I genuinely wish you the best on your journey. It's a cliche, but it's true... joy cannot be found without.. it can only ever truly come from within. My best to you. P.S... I'm a guy who is mixed race and to this day does not know nor have I met any biological family in my entire lifetime. I know what it means to feel alone, and without purpose, better than most. But... I am happy. I have joy. I have friends. I have family. This isn't the world I was given, it was the world I created. And I have no doubt you can do the same as well. My best to you.

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Thank you for the inspirational comment! I do agree that you cannot change other people but you can change yourself and help others

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Sunspot's profile picture

That's terrible! I've never went through the exact same thing, but I do hope things will get better.

"rEaLlY? sOcIaL anXiEtY?"

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She's better now and definitely understands me now.

by rai; ; Report

Good to know! ^o^

by Sunspot; ; Report


charlotte's profile picture

ugh i have anxiety really bad too. like, i want to make friends at my school but like this sinking feeling in my stomach keeps getting in my way. i get so annoyed when ppl say it's all in my head and i need to push through it. like no DUH it's in my head - anxiety is a mental illness. it's so frustrating bc my sisters say that I'm the only thing getting in my way. like gee thank you I'm cured now

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Exactly! Same things happen to me. All of the things you just said I can relate to.

by rai; ; Report

Dysphoria 🧡🖤

Dysphoria 🧡🖤's profile picture

Just take it one day at a time, alot of us go through it but it's never the same, not everyone will understand the decisions you make just do what you need to do to make sure you're okay, it takes a while but one day you will be okay I promise 🧡

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Thank you

by rai; ; Report


nydajah's profile picture

hey, teen depression can suck but you will overcome everything that that has been happening i promise you, i been in the same situation and its so hard to get out of depression but it will get better if you push yourself for the best. dont let it take over who you are!

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Thank you for the great advice!

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xXtoonish.kidXx's profile picture

i can relate. in skool i got really depressed and lots of people thiught i am Seeking attention. now i am suffering from anxiety and i always feel like something bad will happen especially after this incident that happened with my friend. i have always suffered from social anxiety and my mum used to say "anyone can buy something at a shop! go do it!" even though i am too scared to even do that.

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Omg me too! I'm also scared to go to the shop keeper and talk. It's just soooo hard gets you out of your comfort zone (I hate getting out of my comfort zone).

by rai; ; Report

Yeah and people also think that just cuz everyone else can do it we can do it. Like it doesn't work that way, some people's Brian's are just built differently!

by rai; ; Report

you guys just made my day it's great being able to relate to sumn ^^

by xXtoonish.kidXx; ; Report

Your welcome!

by rai; ; Report


Shakiya's profile picture

I am currently sitting in my dr waiting room to be seen for my depression because I don’t have much fight left in me and what I do have need to be everything I can give to my daughter. I’m exhausted and my heart is heavy. My mind is foggy with numbness because I don’t wanna feel the pain I feel I cause my significant other. You are never alone and there is always someone fighting the same fight as you. You’re loved and would be missed, that’s what at I tell myself. Hang in there, I don’t wanna fight alone either

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Let's fight together! Thank you fro your powerful words, it is people like you who should be leaders

by rai; ; Report

I truly appreciate it, I want to go back to school for a BA in Mental Health Psychology but i got to be alive to do it

by Shakiya; ; Report

Well you make sure you chase your dreams okay! You can do this! You can help so many other with their mental health you'll be a hero!

by rai; ; Report

Well you make sure you chase your dreams okay! You can do this! You can help so many other with their mental health you'll be a hero!

by rai; ; Report

Lol I don’t know about all that but help one another sounds great

by Shakiya; ; Report


by rai; ; Report

Kristen M

Kristen M's profile picture

I know it seems really hard to do, but you have to keep pushing and fighting depression. It doesn't seem like things will get better right now, but they will if you keep waking up every day determined to beat depression. Be honest with your parents about how you are feeling. Hopefully they can get you a therapist that you can open up to because that helps more than a lot of people realize. I suffer from social anxiety as well, but I've been making an effort to force myself to get out more and I can definitely feel the difference in myself. Surround yourself with people that make you feel happy because isolating yourself will only give you more time to allow negative thoughts to take over.

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I agree! I have to stay determined and not let negative thoughts overcome me🫂

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Willow (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Willow (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)'s profile picture

ur mind is honestly ur worst enemy sometimes. i battle with social anxiety too, been struggling my whole life with it. im a jr in hs now and its kinda gotten better ? things get better with time but also remember to put urself out there. its terrifying. but ur never gonna get used to life if u dont suffer sometimes. if possible try to speak to a therapist so they can guide u thru working out the anxiety. professional help def worked for me. i wish u all the best

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That's great advice! I should try that. It's true I won't get anywhere in life if I just feel sorry for myself and not move on !

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faith <3

faith <3's profile picture

I relate to u sm right now :( hopefully it gets better in hs

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Thanks bestie! I'm glad that I can relate with people

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Mersaddles's profile picture

Your feelings are very valid. And it's not uncommon to feel social anxiety as a teen. Sometimes this anxiety can follow you into adulthood. It's all about how you go on living your life to accommodate to the anxiety or seek any treatment to help with it. I would consider having a serious talk with your folks if you share a relationship with them that you feel will allow them to listen to your concerns. Be open and honest on how you feel in social situations.

Social anxiety unfortunately doesn't go away but there are methods on how to handle it better to reach a better quality of life daily.

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Thank you for the great advice! I am trying to get out of my comfort zone now, so hopefully that goes well

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Ellie’sAnatomy03's profile picture

i’m sorry you’re feeling this way. i understand far to well that that’s like. you are not alone. i’ve suffered anxiety for three years now and it does suck. if you’re friends are ignoring you without letting you that something could be happening like maybe an important test or something big is happening and they haven’t been able to check in and say “hey i’m busy right now but once i’m done with what i’m doing, i’ll talk to you more,” then they aren’t worth your time. my bestfriend works a lot of hours and her phone isn’t on. we don’t live anywhere near each other. so now i know that when she IS available, we can talk. but it wasn’t always like that. at some points, it felt like she was betraying me, and at other points, it felt like she didn’t want anything to do with me, but we talked things out, or kind of fought it out, and now things are okay. i know im just a stranger from the internet, but i know all to well how that feels and im here for you. you okay such an important role here that no one else could do. you’re so important. much love💜

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Thank you so much it really means a lot that you could relate to me 🫂

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Dannifever's profile picture

Sometimes we are our the worst enemies to ourselves.
Sometimes we really slump ourselves the entire way through.
Your are valid. Its okay to feel vulnerable aswell , its something no one should be shamed for but unfortunately we have douche bags out in society always being boujee just cuz their "vibes shouldnt be murdered" .... Nah u be you.

We all have ups and downs. Your trying your best and its took courage to write this . have a good rest of the day... Im trying to too.

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Wow yes that is true! I can't really change other people but only myself. Thank you for leaving a comment 🫂virtual hug🫂

by rai; ; Report

anytime ... we are our worst enemies, much peace be with you tonight.


by Dannifever; ; Report

dani 🤍

dani 🤍's profile picture

There is nothing you’re doing wrong. Anxiety is a natural feeling and it is a valid feeling. I’m assuming you’re in high school.. the way it was for me as a teen who had depression/anxiety/ptsd I didn’t keep in touch with anyone I went to high school with. You are worthy. You are deserving. You are loved. 🤍

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Awww TYSM thank you fro the support fo you and everyone int he comments especially people who gave me 15 kudos and helped this blog reach the top entries page!

by rai; ; Report


Milli 's profile picture

Hey, I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I just wanted to say a few things. Especially that you're not actually wrong. Such thinking though comes from low self esteem, it's really stupid but (especially if your family and people you communicate with/see often or daily make you feel bad about yourself) it's a circle – you feel like you're wrong and that's caused by feeling bad about you. I hope ypu feel better by now, I'm glad so many people responded.

as for your friends – it seems difficult making actual friends irl? I even was in a situation similar to you and it kinda led me to think maybe I don't have a magnetic personality. After me and my best friend parted ways and went to different schools she wrote to me first maybe a few times, counting my birthdays, and yet remained in contact with at least two of friends she made at our school. Though, maybe it's just that people we thought are out friends weren't the type to naturally click with us. Still what your ones did was really sheetty and shows they're not the best people or friends. Even if you didn't move schools, they would be this kind of people and kind of better for you to be off without them. I know it hurts though. As if it was a personal rejection.

And as for the adult, I hope it helps a bit, but it may be just that she can't relate to your problem and it feels unnatural or odd or even unreal to her, just like it seems to be the case for some people in terms of LGBT acceptance or people who want to end their life or already did and such. It wasn't okay of her by any means, but it may have not came from a bad place, if that changes the way you feel even a little.

Sorry if this turned out to be a wall of text. I was reluctant to use since it'd be awkward if it didn't work. Do you want to become buddies and chat sometimes?

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1. yes we should become buddies
2. thank you for understanding me and being able to relate, also taking time out of your day to write all of that
3. the adult says you are right and that she didn't understand
4. thanks for making life bearable again!
5. all of the things you said are correct and I definitely felt something while reading this thank you so much for the support i really do appreciate it
*virual hugs from england*

by rai; ; Report

Much glad! Both that it helped and also about the adult, it's good to hear she's not one of these who never changes mind about things lol. Will dm you! Buddy hugs from Poland :D

by Milli; ; Report

by rai; ; Report


ParentingLifeWithChanda 's profile picture

Hello! You do not have to feel this way! Take your time in life one day at a time! I can help you if you like!

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Awwwwww thank you for your support! I will IM you if I need any help thanks 🫂virtual hugs🫂

by rai; ; Report