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emo boy hair

does any1 have any tips for getting emo hair? ive been trying to style my bangs the way i want but i just cant figure out how! plz some1 give me tips/advice !!

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haii!!! for the haircut, you basicallt just brush all your hair forward, ESPECIALLY the sides (make sure to grow those out) and cut layer by layer the classic emo cut, make sure the bottom layer is a little thicker so it looks like all of your hair ends there, then the other layers are to add volume!! i personally dont use a straightener, i just use a blowdrier on highest heat because it makes my hair a little fluffier and takes a little less long if you know what youre doing. so i start with the styling by blowdriying it (weather its wet or not) and so it kind of gets bigger, then i hairspray and tease the bangs a bit and the sides, but not too much!! then, i blowdry my bangs to the side to give them more shape, then, i blowdry the sides to go twards my face going with the bangs!! then i do a final light hairspray and im done!! after you train your hair and after the styling kind of transfers to the next day, it only takes about 5 minutes to do for me!!

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