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Join "Emo Is For Lovers" server on Discord - a Online Emo Community <3

Hello Spacehey Friends! :)

I wanted to take a moment to share about this amazing server on Discord called “Emo Is For Lovers”. (any Hawthorne Heights fans here???)


“Emo Is For Lovers” is an emo music community that provides an inclusive space for emo music lovers to chat and communicate our appreciation and love for emo music. This can range from discussing your favorite bands to sharing stories of how the genre has affected our lives in one way or the other. 

Emo music has played great influences in our lives, and yet many of us in the community share experiences of feeling marginalized, shamed, or judged by our love for the genre that transcends continents and cultures.

“Emo Is For Lovers” aims to combat the stigma, and make individuals feel accepted, and welcomed regardless of who, where, or what they are as we come together as one through our shared love and interest for emo music.

Please come join and support the online emo community!!

Discord Server Link: https://dsc.gg/XemoX

Check us out on other Social Media platforms too!

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