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Some Personal Lost Media

I've been partially involved in the lost media community for a while now, but it's hard to figure out where to start sometimes. Especially when you don't have the money or means to travel or buy things online.

Anyway, that's just a lead in into this post.

I've had a few of things that I've been searching for for a while:

  • In 2008, I used to live in Klamath Falls, Oregon and I went to Peterson Elementary. A group came to my school and selected a few students to star in a production. I was one of these kids chosen, but I didn't star in the main movie, instead I starred in a mock preview for a parody of Horton Hears a Who, specifically the CGI animated one that was being hyped up at the time. I was one of the Whos (Or maybe they were called Whats, I don't quite remember), and stood in as a jungle person for a kid who couldn't make it. They premiered it at my school. Some of the things I remember were a couple of music videos for No Air by Jordan Sparks, specifically the duet version, and Stop! In the Name of Love by The Supremes, and the feature presentation was a just a slew of parodies of fairy tales. They gave out DVDs and I got one, but I threw it away in 8th grade due to being horribly embarrassed by it. I don't remember the name of the production company, but if someone who went to my school around that time or someone who was involved in the production knows what I'm talking about, please get into contact with me.
  • This one is a little complex, so bear with me here. I used to have a Windows XP computer that came preinstalled with a bunch of things I've never seen on any other version of XP to this date. It was an HP computer, and we bought it around 2006-ish. It came with a bunch of preset themes for Windows PowerPoint, all these different shapes and midis and clipart to use. But it what I'm specifically looking for are a bunch of music tracks in the sample music folder, rather than the standard two that most people know of. And it wasn't just my computer, I think I should note that. I had a laptop with the same things, and there was a computer at my mom's workplace as well, and my grandmother's computer in her sewing room. And yet, I haven't  found very many people who know what I'm talking about. I'm trying to compile a full list of these songs. I was told that this version of XP was called the Media Center Edition, but I'm not so sure because I haven't found any information on this version or even if it exists. While I am looking for the music tracks, it would be nice to know what specific version of XP this was, and/or if it was exclusively loaded onto HP computers. I do remember that when my computer got a virus and we had to restore it to factory settings, all of this remained. The songs I've identified from this version so far are:
    • Guy Forsyth - Long Long Time

    • Carbon Leaf - Life Less Ordinary

    • Eugene Edwards - My Favorite Revolution

    • Eugene Edwards - It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

    • Adam Hood - Play Something we Know

    • Adam Hood - Tuesday Night

    • Adam Hood - Million Miles Away

    • Nickel Creek - This Side

    • Orange Peels - Something in You

    • Thomas Cunningham - Swell

    • Willie Nelson - I Just Drove By

    • Pushmonkey - Sorry

    • Pushmonkey - Lie to ME

    • White Hassle - Indiana Sun

    • White Hassle - She’s Dead

    • Von Iva - Not Hot to Trot

    • Li’l Cap’n Travis - Steady as She Goes

    • Jeff Black - Hollow of Your Hand

    • Freakhouse - Liars Inc.

    • Friends of Lizzy - If It’s Wrong

    • Kissinger - Urbia

    • Dizzy X - SupaSaturation

    • Big Kid- When I Met the Girl

    • Mas Rapido! - Christopher Robin’s Dead

    • The Shins - So Says I

    • Madison Park - Ocean Drive Club Mix

    • King Sunny Ade - Mo Gbe Kini Ohun De

    • King Sunny Ade - Kita Kita Ko M’ola

    • Kimmie Rhodes - Desert Train

    • Incubus - Aqueous Transmission (Though I'm unsure about this one)

    • Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Not entire sure about this one either.)

  • There's also a couple I know some of the lyrics to but don't know the name. One of them contains the lyrics "Here's to the ones in the back alleys," "Here's to the sheets lying on my bed/and all the words I've never said," and "I'm going home to Los Angeles." The other I only know "You go on and have a cigarette/I'll be waiting outside." I have tried to search for these lyrics and haven't found anything, surprisingly. And there are plenty more songs I have yet to rediscover. Unfortunately, and evidently, my family no longer have the desktops or laptop in our possession.

  • And now, the final piece of lost media, the one I've been searching for the longest. It's a short animation of a boy sitting on his bed with a flashlight with a blue wall, but once he turns on the flashlight the wall turns orange with a big yellow circle in the middle. The boy makes shadow puppets, starting simple at first, but as his imagination takes hold he goes to mimicking an entire pirate battle, until the ship is hit by a canon and the boy falls off his bed. He then reaches up and forms the words "THE END" with his hands. I remember seeing this animation as a kid, so I'm going to give it a timeframe of 1999-2004. I've narrowed it down to it possibly being a short film shown on Nicktoons Network or Nickelodeon, but I could be wrong. My memory is spotty up until 2005, but I absolutely remember seeing it on some sort of children's cartoon network, and from how I remember it looking, it seems the most fitting on some place like Nickelodeon. Here's a visual aid as to what I'm talking about, hopefully it'll jog someone's memory:

  • I'm not trying to make this the next Clockman or Evil Farming Game, I'm aware that there's a lot of fake lost media out there, but I remember this so vividly and I'm just hoping that someone can help identify this or at least confirm that it never really did exist.
  • Edit: I may as well link this Google doc of theories as to where this animation could have come from I made this a while back but most of it is still accurate.

You can contact me through Reddit, my username is HatCoffee.

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good luck im sure youll find it

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