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sometime talking helps

So, bc of the issue I wrote about in yesterday's blog, I decided to have a little chat with my partner. I expressed my feelings of being bored and having nothing to talk about with him when I see which makes me sad and I always forget how receptive my partner is to communication. I forget he's a dude first so things that are clear to a woman are not always clear to a man, and this case was no diff. He was shocked that I felt this way and had no idea that it had gotten to that point. He took what I said with full consideration & said he is open to looking for hobbies to pick up together and individually. Tonight we are going to walk the strip just to get out and it's free so fuck it. That alone has me feeling better. It's the fact that he's willing to take the info I'm giving him and he adjusts to it but not so much where he's changing as a person but just him being more aware. I know not all guys are the same but the majority of them just need to be brought aware of a situation and then the pieces can fall into place <3

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It's good that he was so receptive to you, sounds like things worked out well :)

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