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How COVID impacted my life -- and How I overcame it.

🌟Okay I’m going to get vulnerable with you🌟
This past year has taken its toll on me in so many ways. For those who don’t know, I quit working in August of last year due to COVID. It was one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make. But, let’s rewind a little bit---
When COVID first hit, my youngest brother’s college campus closed so, he came and stayed with us. Since he had to be up every day to do his college work, he was able to also help my son with this virtual schoolwork. Because of this, I was able to keep working through the first half of COVID. Then, everything opened back up, so I thought, “Oh, we’re out of it now.” WRONG!
At the beginning of last school year, we were notified that the school year was going to start out virtual, and as long as things improved they’d move to hybrid instruction, then back to fully in person learning. Well, I found out that my brother’s campus had decided to stay open so that meant: No help with Jaxon’s virtual school. That’s where I had to make a hard choice: The career that I got an associates degree to obtain, or my son’s education which would impact him for the rest of his life, impact his future. So, I made my choice--- I chose my son.
I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom. I had started working a side hustle before I quit, and I had every intention of making it my main source of income BUT, I did not realize what was coming for me.
In the coming months I ended up becoming SUPER Depressed. I missed my job. I missed working in the ER. I missed my co-workers. My anxiety SKYROCKETED because sure, I was getting pandemic unemployment BUT, I knew that wasn’t going to last. I stressed constantly over the idea of being a financial burden to my husband. These thoughts, and the anxiety they caused only amplified the depression.
ANNNNDDDD then came the weight gain. When I was working, I was 120 lbs. During all the stress, I began stress eating ( a problem I had when I was a kid), and before I knew it, I was up to 137 and climbing. Guess what? Depression and Anxiety had to come in and have their say about that, too.
Through ALL of this, I let my business go. I was too busy waging a war in my own mind against myself. It got to the point where I couldn’t even function anymore. It took everything I had to wake up, and take care of my kids. I stopped cleaning my home. I stopped cooking dinner. I was legit doing the bare minimum in order to survive day to day.
Finally, I couldn’t take it any more. Enough was enough! I decided that I wasn’t going to live this way; that I was going to flip the script on how I felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. I called up my business partner and said “look, this is what’s been going on. I need help.” So, she put me in a group of our other amazing team members, all of which understood completely what was happening to me. They all gave me product recommendations so, I placed an order for my Trim (Weight loss), Max (brain health/mental health support), and B12 Spray. As soon as they hit my door step, I started taking them.
In the meantime, my amazing friends started helping me stay on task. They started holding me accountable, which in turn, made me hold myself accountable for my actions and behaviors. I started working daily on my business, which in the past was something I put off because of how rotten I felt. Days turned into weeks, which then turned into months. And here is where we are NOW:
I’m back down to 115 lbs. My anxiety has taken the back seat and has settled it’s restless self down. My depression is at an ALL TIME LOW. My finances have improved and my business is flourishing! I’ve made some amazing friends who have been nothing but love, and light in my life. I sleep better at night—I’m no longer worried about being a “burden” to any one. I’ve been able to go out and enjoy some amazing things in the last few months.
Listen…I could have had all the excuses in the book….I could have thrown in the towel…..I could have given in to the depression and heartache and let it succumb my life…..
I didn’t and now I want to give back and pay it forward to any of my beautiful friends who want to feel and look better…I want to be YOUR support system and share all my secrets!!! I want to share my secrets of weight loss, my secrets of how I finally tamed the beast of Anxiety. I want to scream it at the roof tops how I conquered my depression. I want to show you how I managed to go from living on unemployment to now, I’m paying off my debt, and becoming financially stable. I want to legit hand you all of this on a silver platter and help you! Because I’ve been there, I know what you’re going through, and if I can help change your life for the better, like was done for me, I’m all in. ❤ If you are sick and tired of FEELING sick and tired let’s chat ASAP!!
The first step starts here and we are truly better together🤝

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