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Good Morning Guys, it's a beautiful Friday and today I'm wearing my pink shirt and blue jeans so #purr

Today I wanted to talk about depression. If you didn't know my mom died last year and I came to live with my dad. During that time, I had gone through a severe month or two of depression. No, it wasn't like me trying to kill myself or anything just a significant moment of sadness. AIt wasn't until my dad's ex's granddaughter turned three. Felt a good feeling minding you, I don't see my siblings too often. I became addicted to the adorblnes it felt like I was a auntie. Where Im trying to get to is, most deppresion or moments of sadness come to an end so try to push through it. Also in the coments make sure you put that #problem solved if it was one of your problems.

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Make sure to add that #problem solved if it was your problem before

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