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Guys I havea serious question. If you had a annoying boyfreind following you around 24/7 at you school what the hell would you do? Like I dont want to be mean and send him off but at the same time i want to be independet just in case things dont work out. Send you comments and fast!

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I think the best thing to do is just talk to him about it. If he is not understanding then he is not the one for you >.

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hii , uhm idk i think try dropping hints first like saying ,, ill walk to (whatever class) alone/w another friend today they wanna tell me something,, or go a different way w/out him seeing you, and if that doesn work try to be straightforward but really nice at the same time yk

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thx for your comments I'll just try nicely being stairght-forward. p.s(the problem is now solved)

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