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The MySpace Era: A Lil' Photobucket Dump

Ok, so I hadn't logged in to my Photobucket account since 2014-ish.

At some point between then and now, the upload limit for the free account increased. Guess who GREATLY surpassed that limit, and was going to be charged for monthly access to all of their previous images? Moi.

It took a while, but I pulled everything from there and relocated them elsewhere. Do still hit me up in the comments if you have a favorite image hosting site that isn't mainstreamed with an annoying amount of ad space. 

Here are some of the most cringeworthy images of me from around 2007-2009, along with some questionable choices for image centerpieces. I can't emphasize enough that these were on my actual MySpace profile at various points, and I apologize in advance. 

And this concludes my broadcast for today. Be sure to comment if you have any suggestions for a new/excellent image hosting site, or if you have any "thoughts" on the images listed above. 

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Nick's profile picture

Dumb question but how are you adding images? What site do you use? Or how are you getting the html I used to be pretty savvy with this stuff but I’ve lost my ways

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its our old age coming back to myspace ha

by Sammay Sam; ; Report


maisyydaisyy69's profile picture

ahh...the good ol' days.
gives me nostalgia

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Addams's profile picture

I really wanted older people to think I was cool so I didn't let loose on MySpace (actually saved me quite the cringe feeling for now) I didn't use the icons, glitter graphics or anything like that. People actually told me afterwards that they thought I was really cool because I always seemed to be ahead of everyone else (LOL)

I'm not going to hold back anymore though. CUTE ICONS AND ECT FOR THE WIN!

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Abe's profile picture

I also have content I made for my page in late 2000s early 2010s… I shall post some here as well. Local bands were a thing back then too

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'90s & Chill w/ Willie Will

'90s & Chill w/ Willie Wi...'s profile picture

You've inspired me to search for my old MySpace photos! Thanks!

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Mia Lawng

Mia Lawng's profile picture

Oh my goodness lol super throwback vibes *goes to log into mine*

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🖤°[𝔽𝕣𝟛𝕒𝕜𝕝𝟛𝕥𝕥𝕖]•🖤's profile picture

Oh damn! You're making me want to go check lol

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Dungeonation's profile picture

My favorite are the stamp images lolol

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Xx halfempty xX

Xx halfempty xX's profile picture

atleast it wasnt THAT bad

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Roxie Babii

Roxie Babii's profile picture

The good old days

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rzuczor_'s profile picture

I wish I could find some of my old pics from 2013 ://

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Pearls's profile picture

I wish I remembered my password to photobucket I don’t even have my old email login

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by ~Khaos~; ; Report

cat valentine

cat valentine's profile picture

omg i remember this epoch :,)

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xNylaMinx's profile picture

I love this so much! the 2000s vibes are so strong

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Xx Dani xX

Xx Dani xX's profile picture

Not the 'textually active' xD these pics are so fun to reminisce the simple days. It's literally *insane* where we are now in society. I want to go back when the only thing I had to worry about was accidentally giving my mom's desktop a virus from illegally downloading music. :/

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ah yes, the panic of downloading a virus along with your tunes xD

by xNylaMinx; ; Report


meeshybop's profile picture

omg I did this too with my photobucket
also throw back to the time when I got this lil cartridge thing for my Nintendo ds so I could connect it to the internet and go on MySpace

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by blairVVitch; ; Report


Ebaby's profile picture

literally everything is so hard to replicate :( because all we do now is click on a picture and save it I have no idea how to even get a url code:( LOL and I have photobucket but you have to pay extra just to get the embeded code

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I get it, it's a whole other ballgame here. I typically use this site for when I just need an image in a rush (plus, it's free):

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Nicholas Isaiah Marcano

Nicholas Isaiah Marcano's profile picture

How'd you upload these

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Well, they're not uploaded directly to this blog, per se. I had these pictures on another image hosting site, and I embedded them there with the html code.

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Ahhh so myspace rules💯 thank you.

by Nicholas Isaiah Marcano; ; Report

Most definitely!!! Also, I do have a blog post on some hot fire links and codes I found during my first few days on here. Imma drop the link here, just in case anyone new to SpaceHey wants to browse through it!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Raquiel not Rockell ‼️

Raquiel not Rockell ‼️'s profile picture

So there’s no way to just add photos from your google photos or iCloud

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Nope, or at least not yet. Hopefully there will be more ways to add photos here soon, or better yet photo albums!

by blairVVitch; ; Report

Right thanks love

by Raquiel not Rockell ‼️; ; Report

Mean Ass Mia

Mean Ass Mia's profile picture

Daaaamh i forgot all about my photobucket

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Yeah, I get it. I kept getting sporadic amnesia about it where I'd use it for a hot minute, and then ghost it for years!

by blairVVitch; ; Report