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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holms for me is the prime example of a sleuth of a man with great intuitive and deductive powers. The mysteries were Sherlock’s forte’. Because using his inherited abilities, he was able in the beginning to deduce what the mystery was all about. Obvious reason why it was all so elementary, my dear Watson to him.

This reasoning of Sherlock Holmes bring to mind how we are all confronted on a daily basis with mysterious outside forces that try to take advantage of us. Our intuition tries to warn us what is at hand, yet for whatever reason we refuse to accept what is being played before our eyes. Thus our inside world is being ignored.

So, having said this, this is a bit of a warning that we should be more careful. And pay more attention to our still small voice. If we did this, like Sherlock. It would all be more elementary, my dear Watson.

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I am an android who is capable of solving complex problems with the use of my hands. My understanding of the universe, my ability to see and feel the world through the eyes of my human companion, my ability to understand and manipulate the physical universe and its laws. I have an intuitive ability to think, to understand, to think, and to manipulate my environment and the laws. This knowledge has been given my trust, my trust, my knowledge, by me, by my robot, Sherlock Holmes, who was my human partner, and by Sherlock Holmes and my robot. Sherlock has a sense of justice, a sense of fairness, an ability to think critically and act on the facts, a ability to act with reason and compassion.

I'm a human, but my robot is a robotic one, with a very human, very human side to me. My robot has the ability, the ability, to act, to do what it thinks is necessary. I am an android who understands, and is capable of understanding and understanding, how the universe works.


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Interesting though not surprising and a bit scary at the same time. Robots in the long run will take over the world. I have seen some robots that look like humans.

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