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saw mcr live in detroit!!!!!! 9/13/22

I saw mcr live in detroit!!!

I went with my gf, my dad and his christian wife so i waz vry worried about what theyd say and do :< but all things considered everything went ok!!! 

As we were pulling into the parking garage they were making fun of peoples outfits (everyone looked amazing btw) so that sucked but it pretty much only went up from there!! Right when we got in, my gf and i separated from dad and we bought merch and smoked in the bathroom and just hung out!! I spent my whole paycheck on merch which i sorta regret cuz none of it fits me due to my height :'3 it's still nice to have the memories tho!!!

 I did post a concert haul to tiktok but just for a recap, heres what i bought!!

- Swarm Jacket (small)

 -Decay hoodie (small)

-Boy Zone shirt (small)

-Haunted House shirt (med, the small was sold out)

-long sleeve skeleton shirt (small, this one is the only thing that fits)

-ALL 4 MYSTERY SHITS (they only made xl)

-swarm water bottle

-2 pin sits

-swarm flag

-gf got boy zone shirt and mikey fucking way shirt (both med)

Im absolutely in love with everything i bought even tho not all of it fit!! maybe in the future i can sell/donate a couple things to a deserving fan that didnt get to go!!!


We missed the first opening band cuz we were in line for merch BUTTT we did see Thursday!! Thursday waz pretty good! i didnt know any of their music before but i know theyre collabing with frank for ls dunes! They did bring Anthony Green on stage for one song and that waz cool!!! 

Now onto mcr!!! 

Gerard waked out in THE NURSE DRESS!!! Def one of my favorite gerard fits so far!! Frank walked out merely a couple hours after posting ass pix to insta (i didnt know at the time). Mikey wore a deep v-neck and Ray was Ray lmao. ICONIC!!! They opened with Foundations which was amazing 100%!!! They played a lot of amazing songs but didnt play my faves :[ I rllllly wanted to see Prison, Vampire Money and Hang 'Em High but they didnt play any of those :< (I understand why they didn't play Hang Em High but I just got a Hang Em High tat so i was being hopeful)!! But YES the set was amazing nonetheless and i'm so grateful i got to see them!!! I was 7 rows up from the ground so my videos werent too bad (i posted to insta and tiktok)!! Literally the whole time I was jumping and dancing and crying and SCREAMING the lyrics it was amazing!! I cried when they came out, when they played mama (obv) and when they played Give Em Hell Kid. I also cried for like 3 days after cuz BROOOO Ill never get to do that ever again >M< 

to finish this long ass blog off, seeing mcr was a literal dream of mine and it was def a life changing experience!! Im so lucky I got to experience it!!! Thx for reading my long ass blog!!!

-lake <3

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