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About me! >_<

So hey, I wanna make a lil bit more in-depth thing about who I am, so that potential buddies can know about who I am and the such!

Name: Fen/August/Jean (Any work xd)

Age: 16 (2006)

Gender: Female


Status: Taken :D

Dm's: Open, but I don't check often!

Hobbies: Art (traditional & digital), blogging, physical exercise

Religion: Christian! 

Grade: 11th

Sexuality: Str8

I hope we can be friends :D

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# eve !! ♡

# eve !! ♡'s profile picture

how are you female and mlm ?? /gen

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Oops, sorry this was from a while ago, i edited it but forgot the sexuality part so it remained mlm when im really het!

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