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Random abt me stuff :))

Name: Rowan!

Age: 15

Sexuality: Pan :))
Pronouns: They/them (any really tho)
Favorite food: Coconut rice :>

Least favorite food: Im a very picky eater so I couldn't pick lol 

Hobbies: Drawing, cosplaying, playing music, skating :)

What color do you wanna dye your hair?: Green!

What is something you'll never do?: Talk to ppl willingly /hj

Favorite bands: Artic monkeys!

Someone you hate: There's a lot lmao

Favorite YouTube channels: Phoenixnight, Calaxyin, Noah Finnce, WeAllRite

Favorite websites: Spacehey, youtube!

Single or taken: taken :>

Are you a scene kid?: Not rly but yall are rly cool :>

Have you ever faked being sick?: Ofc lol

What emojis do you use the most?: 😭✌️💀👻💅✨

What is the weirdest emoji in your recent?: 😹

Have you ever cheated on a test?: Yeah....

Favorite TV shows: RWBY is my special interest, but I love lots of other shows too! Check my the TV part of my page!

Favorite games: MC, Lily's Well, Amity Arena (before it was shutdown:/ ) 

A movie you hated: Idk lol

How many relationships have you been in so far?: two!

Have you ever, or do you have a candy stash? : OFC?!?

What time is it right now?: 23:30 :)

Tell me a secret: I wish the human race would just die out. Everyone would be better off.

Favorite item of clothing: HOODIES

Do you have any talents?: nope.


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