Dependency hell

Have you ever used a program that was inexplicably hundreds of megabytes in size? Well it probably got that way because its authors imported a metric ton of useless garbage they didn't need, statically linked it, and left you to deal with the resulting egregious waste of disk space.

If you let people import hundreds upon hundreds of libraries, they will do it. People will import these small single use libraries that do stuff like left-pad strings, or list all HTTP status codes. Sometimes, they'll import something massive that does this and only pick that little part from it to use. And perplexingly, people will import libraries that implement basic data structures and algorithms that could be written in less time than the library takes to download.

If you're getting into programming, I highly encourage you to actually be able to write code. This will set you apart from so many other people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing.

And if you're concerned about "code duplication" or something, my advice would be to use a language that has an actual fleshed out standard library, like rust or go.

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