HTML.... (((;ꏿ_ꏿ;)))

UUUUUGH.. HOW IS EVERY1 ON HERE SO GOOD AT CODING.. IM SO JEALOUS ʕ>∆<ʔ am currently burning a hole into my retinas looking thru tutorials ʕxᴥxʔ

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Roxie Babii

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im here trying to remember how to code

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Hear me out... I'm winging it with templates and making assumptions about what my page will look like based on the copy-pasted code everyone else wrote XD

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marcus x_x

marcus x_x's profile picture

there's a website called w3 schools that has a bunch of html tutorials for free

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thank u sm !!!!

by tarbluesoul; ; Report


Xx.Scene_Machine.xX's profile picture

I make scene / emo layouts, but if any of y'all want custom ones I can most likely do it or explain how to do it ROFL just IM me!

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Omg can you do one for me??

by Sai Divine💖👾; ; Report

Yea what's the details? (Colours, style etc.)

by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX; ; Report

Omg thank you💖 I just want it to be pink and orange Y2K themed. Maybe some “happy bunny” decor along with some power puff girls stuff. Idk if that’s too much to ask, but the most important is all pink everything lol. Thank you so much! I’m so new to this and have no clue how to code :(

by Sai Divine💖👾; ; Report

So you want like a pink layout with orange text?

by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX; ; Report

Yea a pink layout maybe dark orange text. Idk if that’s too much to ask:/. Actually nvm I don’t wanna be another lol I know it takes so much work!! Thank you f or replying tho :))

by Sai Divine💖👾; ; Report

Sot hats a no to the layout? And actually no that's pretty simple, it's just changing some colours and adding images

by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX; ; Report

Yea, I change my mind on the layout! No thank you:) you’re so nice!! I have anxiety and hate to bother ppl lol. I want something complicated with fonts and animations and stuff. Ik that might take some time and we don’t even know each other for you to be investing so much time into that! I really appreciate your kindness tho! ^_^

by Sai Divine💖👾; ; Report

Lol, I make and publish layouts for fun, it's not a bother. If ya change your mind lmk and I'll be happy to do it

by Xx.Scene_Machine.xX; ; Report


Morgazm's profile picture

Ong I went to someone profile and before it loaded the page there was like a music video and some cute lil falling hello kitty emoticons like damn I’m tryna be like youu

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isaíah👑's profile picture

idk how to code, my @$$ just be copying and pasting whatevr be on da forums lmaoooo.

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lasagna dog

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tbh i got my friend to make my layout for me idk anything about nothing

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Rat Earth

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good coders create, great coders steal

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AmandaRachelle's profile picture

i just copy paste lol coding fr seems col tho

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antigone's profile picture

Thank god people are nice and share their layouts. I only know how to change pics and colors but I plan to learn coding soon... maybe...

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Damien's profile picture

lol cant relate /j /lh

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_sxvixr_'s profile picture

I haven't used HTML since early tumblr years. I'm more of a "why is it" not a "How should it" person. SO i just look at different codes and play with them. lmao

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Learning by doing as they say haha

by _sxvixr_; ; Report


Purpl3's profile picture

im not good at coding,
coz if i change one simple
thing then the program is destroyed

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April's profile picture

RIGHT! my brain is not smart enough to code a whole profile

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§HÆ So 🆒️

§HÆ So 🆒️ 😋's profile picture

You have never lied, I wasn't good at it back in middle school and shit either. Just use to copy and paste shit whereever I could

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Queen_'Drea's profile picture

Same ..

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Kyle . ⋅ ˚̣- : ⛧

Kyle . ⋅ ˚̣- : ⛧'s profile picture

i just ripped a layout out of the premade ones lol. only thing i added was the cursor. we only did java script in school an i didnt get that far in it. hopefully i can make my own layout one day since there are things about this one i'd like to edit

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bunsbunsgirl's profile picture

Bro mee, I was trying to add music and just gave up

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bro i got the code if you want it

by 🕷Codey 🕷; ; Report


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Im pretty good at html and css (but not js) and here are some of the sites I used to learn it:


w3schools - html

w3schools - css

and the rest are on youtube!

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Mandy Lee

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I learned mostly from having Myspace as an early 2000s teen, but I also took web and graphic design in high school which helped tremendously. I haven't had much of a need for HTML in many years, but I was able to pick it up again pretty quick. I was struggling figuring out how to make my gifs close together and not spaced out a mile away, but then I remembered I needed to actually read the code to figure out where the spacing issue was. Once I remembered that, I was good! Definitely google some tutorials, as some are far better than others!

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For my Myspace page i didnt have to learn to use html. There were so many websites where u could u just copy the code for anything u wanted to customize in ur page and all u had to do was copy paste lol

by Ramiro; ; Report