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Time is Sacred: My New Guiding Philosophy

My publication, Kakariko Herald, is a team of 4 people (myself included) that are placed all around the globe. It's safe to call KH "remote-first." 

Since inception, we've communicated through several means: email, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal... Heck, even recently, my primary editor and I have switched to using Basecamp to run our operations. (Seriously: you name a service, and we've probably tried it.) We've never really found a service that has met our needs.

But something I've noticed is that most of our business operations still happen through email. I have over 9,000 waiting for me at the moment. Most of it is probably junk. And no, it's not a funny haha meme. That's a lot of time I'll now have to spend digging in and finding what's worth replying to and what's not. It's time I take back control of my time. (And it's time we take back control of KH's time, too.)

This starts with a new guiding philosophy, inspired by industry folks I've had the pleasure of speaking to over the past few years. It's 5-points in length, and has been carefully considered as a course-of-action. (You can read more about each point on my website!) This philosophy will guide me as a person, and KH as a publication, where applicable.

  1. Email's a tool.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  3. Balance time. Not micro-manage it.
  4. Set aside time for yourself.
  5. Quantity isn't worth suffering over.

It's these principles that I hope get deeply woven and embedded into the Kakariko Herald culture. It's how I want us to operate: like our time is a sacred resource.

Because it is.

[P.S. blog post on why I'm switching email services -- as alluded to -- in the pipeline!]

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