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hello! i suck at actually documenting my life and things i've done, but i need to get better since my memory and emotional permanence is pretty poor. i'm gonna start using spacehey blogs as a weekly log(?), art dump, writing dump, anything. anyway, here's some stuff i've been up to recently:

i went to a concert some time ago- my first one in a very long time (years!). i've been following this musician for a very long time now and am so glad i got to see them live. this is my favorite song by them! here's a pic of the encore. i did get a photo w them but its rlly bad!!!

my bedroom was having some issues with flooding up until relatively recently too. i've finally been able to re-settle into it now that stuff is fixed + there's no mold, so i decorated it a lot. i'm not done ~customizing~ my room just yet, so i'll probably make a post dedicated to that whenever i'm done. so far so good :3

i've also been cooking and baking a lot more. recently, i've made some vegetarian cheese + veggie rice (i added potatoes and carrots), matcha chocolate chip cookies, pinwheel cookies, ube flavored sugar cookies, red lentil curry,  and vegan japanese style curry! i'm slowly getting more confident in my cooking and am glad people like eating the things i make. here's a picture of something i made! zucchini bread and muffins are my housemate's.

i've been reading a lot too. used books are like... my jam, i guess. i used to adore reading and did it all the time, but really fell off the wagon in high school. i'm trying to get back into it- i think i'm doing a good job, since i've read 24 books this year already! getting to go to used bookstores and just Being in them is a bonus of this rekindling too.

not all things are great, though. i'm so tired. my house is going through a covid scare at this moment, so i'm just Freaked Out in general. i'm also applying to master's programs and am procrastinating/stressing over studying for the GRE, finishing out my classes... i wish things would stabilize and quiet down so i can study and exercise and build my routines again. i get shaken so easily. ugh >_< !!!! 

well that's all. thanks for reading!!

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