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Hulk Voice: ITS BLOGGERING TIME (also trying to look for 25-30+ age friends here!!)

Hi!!! I'm Fuu and by god i do not know what I'm doing. She/They!! I noticed that my last blog was during a really rough time and I wanna change that to it being a happier blog that my mutuals here know me as! I'm 28 years old and I'd like more friends that are 25 and older! I enjoy my younger friends here, but I wanna make friends around my age group for once!!

I'm tryna have that vibe with friends here where we're these older cool kids that won't let the old days go and we've been in that phase of hanging out infront of the 7/11 drinking Domokun slurpees xD I also blog about random stuff and this series people have really been enjoying!! Its in the game Fallout 4 although I make it as my own OC universe with how much i've modded and souped it up..

Gosh, I also love Vaporwave and older tech/aesthetics a lot too! I love Signalwave + old VHS tape stuff I really want to make into my hobby someday.. Maybe I'll even be an old tech archivist as a side thing!!

I'm back in Michigan in my home and I couldn't be happier btw!!

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