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The FAMOUS Frerard Fight ( Projekt Rev 2007 )

Preface: I'm not a shipper currently. I respect both Frank and Gerard's privacy and their current relationships! I find fan theories, lore, and this era of the MCR fandom suuuper interesting. 

So, to set the scene, Projekt Rev was a festival organized by Linkin Park and in 2007 was attended by alternative rock bands, including MCR ( My Chemical Romance ) and MSI ( Mindless Self Indulgence ). As all of you must know, Gerard's current wife, Lyn-Z ( Lindsey), was a bassist in MSI. Throughout this tour, Gerard and Lyn-Z begin seeing each other. This fact is evident through the matching writing they wore on stage, most famously the line that would become part of the song 'Summertime.' ( Although, according to sources, they met in June 2007 their relationship only became official four months after in September. You can "be involved" with someone emotionally and junk before dating them ) 

( Lyn-Z seen with "Run away with me..." and Gerard seen with "...Anytime you want," written on one another )

During this festival, MCR played "The Sharpest Lives." It's a widely accepted interpretation that "The Sharpest Lives" is a song about living on the edge dangerously and recklessly. We all know Frank Iero can be reckless during his performances, swinging his guitar over his head, falling to the floor, etc. 

( An example of Frank going crazy on stage )

Constructing a coherent timeline ( as someone born in 2004 ) for these events was difficult. According to these videos, both the infamous kiss and the infamous fight happened at the same festival. This festival also birthed the more intimate Frerard moments, the dry humping incident, the licking, and of course, the KISS, which we see repeated in gif and image form today.

( A better video of the kiss min. 0:45 )

These intimate moments, as seen here, are moments of pure physicality. Anyone watching the band for the first time wouldn't be wrong to mistake these displays for a homoerotic relationship especially considering some of the erotic elements to the songs they were performing. At this point, Gerard wasn't pulling or pushing away from Frank, who was coming on full force. It was only during "The Sharpest Lives" performance did Gerard indeed shove Frank off and wrestled with him. Also seen in that video is Gerard pushing Frank to the ground, who looks confused for a bit afterward. Gerard also dropped his microphone ( which made people suspect Frank was going in for a kiss ). Finally, Gerard is seen kicking Mikey's stand and seeming to walk off stage before circling back. 

( The Fight. Minute 2:50 )

All of these moments point towards a rage, almost tantrum-like reaction to a hug or kiss, nothing Gerard hasn't been seen doing with Frank, and nothing, at this point, shocking to be doing at the festival, either. While it's wrong to blame their fight on Lyn-Z, people must realize those feelings and emotions were there, or else Gerard would have stopped Frank on all counts of intimacy. I think what the people in the crowd of Projekt Rev witnessed that day was a live rejection. Gerard, who had been dealing with both Lyn-Z ( matching writing and collaborating artistically ) and Frank, who was yearning for SOMETHING ;;;;)))) !! Perhaps, Gerard was conflicted between his emotions, obviously having been able to make his mind up four months later. This moment, to me, was indeed the death of Frerard as anything more than a deep friendship. Remember that male friends can kiss, touch, hug, etc., without necessarily pointing towards a relationship, but those moments, as filmed, were more than a friendly drunk kiss or peck, and much more than a simple hug or hand hold. The presumed reason for the fight was simply a lot of emotions within Gerard bubbling to the surface. The intimacy could have been too much for him at the moment, having to partially decide where his life would be heading in liking a girl and ultimately keeping up this on-stage, homoerotic 'relationship' with his bandmate and friend. In addition, Gerard could have been having a rough night, which only added to the aggression he needed an outlet for, which unfortunately was Frank. The idea of him having a rough night isn't totally on the blue and doesn't solely rely on my ability to read emotion from a short clip. Gerard was having issues with his voice, and the crowd certainly was not helping. 

In conclusion, as Redditor bobbysgirl777 put it best three years ago, "As for the fight, there are only theories, the main one being that Frank was going in for a kiss (or hug) like they did many other times on that tour, but since Gerard was getting more serious with Lindsey that he wasn't into it. That combined with maybe having a bad night (his voice is clearly suffering and the crowd was kind of a bust), he got angry." I hope you keep in mind that this is all speculative and just an internet historian having some good fun! I love Lyn-Z and MSI was one of my favorite bands for many years. This essay is by no means a "WAAAH, SHE BROKE UP MY YAOI COUPLE SUGOI!!!! EVIL WOMAN!! MY SMOL BEANZ XC!!" type of post, more like a fun compilation on the lore being the 2007 Projekt Rev show, and a bit of a research project for me. 

I HOPE U ALL ENJOYED!! I want to kinda make this more of a common thing, doing internet research on certain MCR history related things ( not only ship stuff I promise ) to hone my writing abilities + research abilities. Anywayzzz i would rlly appreciate it if u support this or liek shared it or something cuz this took suuuper long. only if u want tho :3 !! LUV U ALL !!

Here r all the videos i used to construct the timeline:

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XxTeacupPixiexX's profile picture

it's funny; as someone who was obsessed with frerard at the time i never actually read about or knew of anything that was actually happening; i was just in love w/ the music and thought the clips i'd seen of them were super cute. i'd watch them on yt sometimes or my friend would show me her myspace and i'd see gifs and stuff of them. i eventually grew out of frerard in high school but like; i always loved mcr and still feel the nostalgia of that whole era in general - it's really cool to see such a cohesive report on what was happening - i never knew how gerard got with msi's bassist, the writing on themselves is super cute and i love that you included pictures cx

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GAAAH thank u!! I also was obsessed with frerard during my bandom era in 2012, so I was pretty young and couldn’t really understand everything and my friends and I totally fell victim to the “uwu smol gay bean” culture at the time. realizing now that their relationship is super interesting and so are most of the inter-related MCR stories!! Also Lyn-Z and Gerard did this for the entire time the festival was going on :3!! It was super cute, Lyn-Z and gerard also worked on art together during the festival too! She also designed a banner that can be seen on the background on the drums in the fight video!

by lover; ; Report

for me it was like - growing up in a super conservative home and bein a bb gay myself was supes hard, all that on the internet was rlly my first exposure to queer representation at all and my head was like WAIT THIS IS OK??? but the early 2000's/2010's definitely was really like "fetishize the gaymen yes" and i'm happy a lot of ppl see that too.

i'm so happy gerard's happy and that they got to have such a cool experience with each other even despite everything going on still TwT

by XxTeacupPixiexX; ; Report

So true! The internet and MCR were really my first dose of real queer culture! Which, you can argue that 2000s queer culture is SOOO different to what it is now but MCR was really also my first real look at gender fluidity! Gerard once said in an interview, the first time he put on lipstick was after he’d been dumped in highschool, and while it felt “Rocky Horror”-esque he noted that it felt good to see himself in the mirror etc. I can find the clip somewhere if you wanna watch it! But I totally get it, and i’m so glad you’ve broken the generational ignorance :,)

by lover; ; Report

omg yes a way different time; just pure chaos xD seeing how many people had their first exposure to that stuff through MCR makes me love them even more; i'd love to see that clip too - i've never seen it! i love that gerard is just so open and embraces all aspects of himself. v cool person all around c': and pls thank u x'3 i just never understood why there was so much hatred, and didn't even realize how scared it had made me to face like my own stuff? HAD TO BREAK FREEEEEE

by XxTeacupPixiexX; ; Report

And uuuu broke free!! XD!

here is the clip btw!!

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OMG THIS IS SO DETAILED. this is rly helpful as i had been confused abt their relationship during the early dayz!! THX 4 DOING ALL OF THIS RESEARCH!!!!!

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THANK U SM IM SO FUCKING HAPPY SOMEONE READ IT!! This makes me so happy u have no idea XD

by lover; ; Report