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i got a 68yr old sugar daddy!!

no i don’t actually have one anyways this is actually abt pedos cause i met wayyy too many on here fr

OKAY first off i know this is a problem on every single platform to like exist on the internet but… on here it’s getting out of hand, the way i can just click on a random persons profile or get added by someone who’s very very  clearly into people wayy too young for them is so fucking disgusting and so stupid as well because most of them have their face as their pfp??? LIKE CMONN n most of them basically admit to liking children omg ffs practically asking to get arrested..What makes me even more pissed off is that they actually look for vulnerable people like age regressors even people who have eds and that shit makes my blood boil since most people in those communities are trying to heal/cope from trauma that people like them fucking created. 

damn long ass blog but srsly there’s way too much creepy ass people on here. im trying soo hard to not be judge-mental but people that are 18+ and knowingly add a underage person and have all of their friends as minors AND minors that have their age up in their profile are most likely pedophiles.

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leona :3

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this is literally the reason i removed my face pfp! my face was pretty censored on the pfp but i was STILL being added and messaged by them and it made me so uneasy about being on here :// there was MULTIPLE in my requests within just a few days and it's just sick. the internet truly is horrific

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i gotta admit you right about that shit 18 or older should not date lower than 18 idgaf if people think its right its not

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✘Scream Queen✘

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Nah, dude be as judgemental as you want.

If anybody is over the age of 18 and going after kiddos, call them losers. Call them every name in the book. They're a danger to other people and don't care about it. Nobody should have sympathy or patience for people who abuse/manipulate/take advantage of others. They need to be shown that shit doesn't fly and if they do it, they will have consequences.

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˚**✿❀hailey❀✿**˚'s profile picture

omg I'm so sorry you've gotten unlucky enough to see profiles of p3dos :(( It always makes me anxious to see younger people/minors on here put their real faces on their profiles on a site like this. It's like these p3dos think that they can get away with their sick sh!t just because this platform isn't as mainstream.

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omg wthh

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thats so weird thats why i never have my real face as my pfp..

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there are worse sites than this. take reddit for example. that site i cant post anything personal without getting at least 1 pedo in my dms

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Maybe you're doing something wrong then? I've been using Reddit for years and never had any problems at all

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nah your just lucky or your avatar is ugly if you dont got pedos in your dms

by 6eupion; ; Report

I literally have NEVER had creeps crawl into my DMs, wtf are you DOING on reddit??

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jezebel ;D (thot #21)

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this is why i dont have my real face as my spacehey pfp. ive been thru kik, meetme,, bigo live, likee, kids chat, yk all of those sick apps that allow pedos to talk to little kids and gr00m them. spacehey is a safe space for me to feel nostalgia and to let my 2000s side out. id rather not get gr00med on a place i feel safe at

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i don’t understand y most of them have their face as da pfp tho??? likk they even act n look creepy ewghh

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