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September Diary

This is going to be an online diary of my September and just my feelings in general! If you read this, I hope you enjoy learning about me & my life.


School went okay but it was a little boring ngl. We had testing for reading and that was pretty boring, I liked the math testing more. Since we tested in the morning, the schedule for the rest of the day was kinda messed up and its been like that all week.

Yesterday I borrowed some nail polish from my friend yesterday so last night I painted my nails! I painted them lavender because thats my s/o's fave color ^^

We did an experiment in science which was kinda boring but at least it was pretty easy. We're doing this zentangle assignment in art and there was the option to either shade or color it and I chose shading! It's due tomorrow and I'm not even halfway finished but my art teacher has never been that strict with due dates as long as we complete assignments by like the end of the semester or 9- weeks that assignment was in. I'll just work on it while watching T.V. this afternoon after I finish my math homework.

But besides from those things, there wasnt any more notable things I think.

Song of The Day: Brooklyn Baby by: Lana Del Rey


Hellooo! Today was picture day at my school. I decided to wear a skirt after a lot of thinking and talking to my friends, I got positive feedback so I took that as a sign. 

I got compliments from 3 of my friends and that made me pretty happy. Also my s/o liked my story on Insta so that also made me happy ^^

I hope that my picture that the school took looks better this year than it did last year because last year my pic looked soooooo ugly :(

Anyways uhhh besides from that nothing really interesting happened today, just like yesterday.  I basically just listened to Lana Del Rey any chance I got lol

But I did have a quiz/test today and I think I did okay, I think I got a B.

Song of The Day: Video Games by: Lana Del Rey


Hi!!! Nothing really interesting happened yesterday, it was just kind-of a boring Monday. 

One event worth talking about thought is that it was this one bitch's birthday today and she made sure that everyone in band class knew, even though I doubt anyone cared. Shes So. Fucking. Annoying. And shes cringe and just overall ugly and a dumbass and soooo fucking gullible. The fact that she thinks I'm genuinely friends with her is hilarious because shes so unlikeable, no wonder her past relationships all failed. Also she sucks at playing her instrument but still claims that shes the "best clarinet" even thought thats so fucking untrue. Alsoooo shes FAT but still claims to hate her body, like if she really hated her body that much, shed change.

Also I caught this kid staring at me a few times. it was kinda creepy, especially cus his vibes are always off. Hes kinda scary ngl. 

Song of The Day: Chaos Follows by: Bladee & Ecco2K


Hello once again guys ^_^ Nothing really that interesting happened and today was just kinda a chill day.

But- you remember that creepy dude who I said gave off creepy & unsettling vibes last entry? Well now he sits in front of me in math class :/

But besides from that, nothing really note-worthy happened.

There was the 1st football game today though, my mother was gonna make me go but she didnt feel well today so I didnt have to go woohoo \(^o^)/

Song of The Day: Change (In the House of Flies) by: Deftones

2022.9.14 - Morning Time

Hello!!! As u can see from the heading on this entry, it's still pretty early in the morning (and by pretty early I mean its 8:52am). I will do my best to upload 2 entries each day, one being in the morning & one being in the afternoon.

Anyways, this morning was okay. I woke up at 4 & then exercised until about 5. I spent like the next 50 minutes listening to music & just chilling. The at like 5:53 I went to put in my contacts. I put in my contacts because 1. my glasses started making my ear hurt & 2. im gonna hang out with my s/o this afternoon & I look better with contacts in. 

Then after that I just did my normal routine at 6 which was feeding my pet, having an energy drink, getting dressed, etc etc. That took me like 40 mins so i just chilled until I had to walk to my bus stop. Theres contruction going on in my neighborhood, theyre re-paving the roads & the construction guys were already working so when I had to walk to my bus stop, I passed by a group of like 5 of them. Nothing bad happened, but I felt them staring at me as I walked so I felt uncomfortable.

But besides from that I got to my bus stop & waited. Theres this lady that stays with her kid at the bus stop & shes really nice, even though I dont like talking to people. 

Then I got on the bus & me n my s/o played 8 ball & filler. I lost both games (even tho I shouldve won filler!!!).

Also sitting beside me was this rlly annoying girl like when i was playing 8 ball she was like "whos winning?" & when i was tracking my calories she was like "what are those numbers for?", she also kept looking at me & my phone like girllll mind ur damn business!!!

Anyways thats all really. Ill update soon!

Song of The Morning: Side by Side by: Bladee & Thaiboy Digital

2022.9.14 - Afternoon

Hello hiii! So my afternoon/evening went quite well ^_^ The bus was a little less packed than usual so I think that was good. My afternoon was pretty fun! I went to the park with my s/o and we stayed there for like 2 hours, it was pretty fun. Short entry I know, sorry lol

Song of The Afternoon: Chemtrails Over The Country Club by: Lana Del Rey

2022.9.15 - Morning

Yo! Hello again :) So far this morning has been quite uneventful. Except for the fact that I accidentally broke my pets lightbulb for his tank so now my mom has to buy a new one even tho she just bought it like a few weeks ago, she is now mad at me. 

And in my first class we did this like color by number thing where every answer to a question had a specific number. I think I did okay, even tho im not a big fan of coloring things (I prefer shading) it was pretty easy & better than just a normal worksheet.

Song of The Morning: In The Flesh by: Ecco2K

2022.9.15 - Afternoon

Hi hello!!!

Song of The Afternoon: by:


Hello everyone! Sorry for the very short and uncomplete entry tomorrow. I was really tired out last night so when I remembered that I had to update I just kinda put whatever. I think I was going to try and write a full entry but I probably didnt have enough energy.

Anyways uhhh... today was pretty uneventful so far. I just kinda yknow went to all my classes and stuff. There are some things that I deem to be some-what interesting though.

In art class, we had to do still life drawings. I forgot what I had to draw, my memory is getting worse for some reason. And then theres this one kid that was in my art class and when he got into the classroom of the class after art, he was like suuuper upset so he had to go into the closet in the classroom to calm down. He was then called to guidance but he was supposed to go back to class after he left. He did not and idk what happened about that. I did see 2 of his friends get called into the hall to probably talk about what happened. And thats all that happened so far.

I have one plan for this afternoon. For band, we were able to choose to go to the football game today at a highschool to play our instruments and I signed up, like an idiot. I know that Im gonna be suuuper tired after it and also I feel like it goes on for way too long since we have to stay there until halftime. My phone is also like on 40 something percent so I can barely even use it because if it dies before I get home Ill probably be upset. Also, Id rather just stay home. But at least Ill burn calories from standing up & playing. 

Aaand thats basically all thats going on right now.

Song of The Day: Music To Watch Boys To by: Lana Del Rey

2022.9.21 - Morning

Apologies for not updating for a few days! I didnt have the motivation or time to write and nothing that interesting has happened.

But, there is some tea that I have for you guys!

C is a guy who dated one of my friends last year (she will be M) but ended up cheating on her with K (one of my newer friends, we started talking last year but we talk more now). It turns out that M lied to me and C just broke up with her & started dating K on the same day. C & K broke up recently, like friday or a few days before that. After they broke up, C started dating B (a girl ive known for years but i dont rlly wanna be friends with her anymore) on friday. 

I found out that B & C started dating because I was messaging B & when I asked her what she was doing, she said "talking to my bf" & I obviously freaked out because she broke up with her last bf a few weeks ago. Then she told me she was dating C & then I started talking to people for more information on the situation.

Im still looking for more info and I'll probably message M to see why she allegedly lied.

Anywaysss thats basically all of the tea.

But onto the things that actually have to do with me. My & K are actually pretty close! She even gave me a matching necklace which made me really happy & we are matching pfps on insta ^_^

But uhhh besides from that, theres nothing else I have to day at the moment.

Song of The Morning: Side by Side by: Bladee, Thaiboy Digital

2022.9.29 - Morning

Hey guys!!! Some absolutely bonkers & crazy shit happened on my bus yesterday!

For starters- Before the bus even left the mfing school, a fight broke out (the second one this year, the last fight was last week) and like the vice principal, a police officer, & a couple teachers had to come onto the bus to stop the fight and I even saw one of my old teachers from last year.

But after that things went smoothly until a girl literally started fucking throwing up! It still makes me feel sick just to think about it so I wont go into a lot of detail. But it was really disgusting.

Uhm, but that is basically it for the crazy shit that went on yesterday! It was more eventful in real life but I do not feel like doing some really descriptive writing right now, especially because I still do not have a lot of information on it (who started it, mostly). But I do know that it started out as play fighting but then Guy A hit Guy B a little too hard and then it escalated.

Anyways, I'm writing a 3 paragraph paper on an element of my choice for science. I chose Vanadium! I basically only chose it because the random number generator I used gave me 23, which is Vanadiums atomic number.

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