Grad School Here I Come

It seems odd that I'm finally able to say, "I'm a grad student."

It comes with this expectation of achievement I never thought I would hold for myself. Almost as if I thought I could never accomplish something like a graduate degree... 

And maybe that's true. But dammit, if I fail, I will fail trying. 

The good thing is that this grad degree is for graphic design, which is something I already know like the back of my hand. So that can only help things. Though I'm sure I'm getting ready to do more reading and writing than I ever have in my life... I'm prepared to face it either way. 

Here's hoping that in two years' time (which flies by way too fast, by the way), I will be able to say, "I did the damn thing! I accomplished something that I never thought I would actually do. And I did it on my own."

I begin my first class in a week and a half... Issues in contemporary art. It's a foundational history class, and I'm sure I'll come out the gate with a ton of reading and writing. But I've always loved art history, so I'm looking forward to it. Then, spring semester, I will get to some fun classes like "Character Design" and "Vector Illustration" I'm excited to learn new things and eager to stretch myself in ways I haven't since my undergrad. It's going to be a good year! 

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