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friday october 21st 
my friend noah is staying over and i just wanted to post abt it like a lil diary entry XD
sooo we carved out pumpkins and went to the supermarket. we went there on rollerskates it was a mes but funny >~< we bought monster energy, sour candy and some lollipops. we watched the shining and ngl i think the movie is kinda boring XD anyways when it was dark we went outside with our pumpkins and took sum cool pics hehe. if oah sends me the pics i might put one up here XD but ther are too lazy atm ;-; then we wanted to get sum stuff from the gas station but it was closed... (we actually wanted to wear em as hats but they were wayyy to small.) if anyone could help me and explain to me how the photo thing for blog and bulletin works that would be amazing tysm <3

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update: we aren't friends anymore xD

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yeah they stole from me lolz

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ah lol i had something similar happen to me once

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