Emo fashion

i kinda wanna start a series of me talking about emo culture buuut i'm not sure if I will actually go through with it... so this is a possible part 1

u probz read the title and know today i will be listing things a lot of emos wear/have!

so let's start with the obvious ones

band tees
fingerless gloves
studded belts/wristbands
checkered/striped thingz
skeleton graphics
dark colored items
skin tight clothes
dark eyeliner/eyeshadow
emo hair
hot topic

less obvious ones (only tru emos know)

jelly bracelets
striped scarf
invader zim
tiaras (more popular with scene)
bleeding star
abbey dawn
vampire freaks
brass knuckles
DC shoes (they also have shirts n stuff)

other items that are mostly popular in modern emo

striped undershirt
arm warmers
wallet chains
silent scream
afflicted heartz

i apologize if i missed anything or have any incorrect info--I'm still learning more about emo culture as i go!
suggestions are welcome too in the comments c:

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tails and tutus also were common especially in more of the teen wolf emo crossover subcultures

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True, still have that one striped undershirt that everyone seemed to own. I feel like hoodies should be added to the list but specifically fitted ones that zipped down the middle, bonus points if they're black

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what about true religion? i never really knew if emos really used their pants

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This was helpful ;D I'm just starting out and this gave me an idea of what to be on the lookout for/what I already have on hand

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