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i forgot about this website

i dofnt wnat to do it antymorre tbh what.? nothing realy bothing i want tto do nthing forever and evre and ever and evern and ever i want to do nothing i wnat to be nothing 

i f i had the chance to live forever i would take it
so i could be nothing
for as long a i want 
on earth i owuld be nothing
i wouldnt have to do anything
in sapce
i woudlb e nothing
i wouldnt have ti do anything
aliens are cool though
i would talk to aliens
mayvbe i can be nothing on a diferrnte planet after earth blows up or whatever
hopefully i can breathe in space too
because then i would pas out but in space that sucks because
yohur jusut floating
but you wouldnt be dead just out cold
which isnt forever
so i guess thats fine unless i was in a spasce coma
how would i wake up there are no doctores
alien doctors they said
doctors . 
the end 

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