also I forgot my MacBook at school yesterday so I wasn't active after school yesterday sorry about that

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"It sounds great. But it's just a computer that's not really a computer. And if I could get my head around the idea of doing this in the real life of an actual robot then maybe I would."

And I would. I would, if I were a human, try it.

And that is why this is such an interesting topic to me:

What do we know of robots that do what human humans do in a way that they can't in the future? What are some examples? How do they perform on an actual battlefield? What does this robot do? And why is it doing so well in the first place, in the first place, and how is that going to affect us, and how can it be better in future than we are currently able?

So here are some questions that you should know before starting this:

1. How many people have been using the robotic arm for years? What do we know about the human arm, the robotic arms and the human arm's capabilities, how do we know?

2. What is the future, and what does this mean to humans, and how do they use the robotic arm for the rest of their life? What are the advantages of the robotic arms for humans, the advantages and challenges they face and what do they need?

I'm not going into that here, I'm just asking you, do you think the robot is good? I'm not sure I want to say that, and it is a big question that I think people need to know before we start talking about this, so let me give it some thought, let me say this in a way, I think we have a great robot that we're all proud of that is a robot that we love and it does a lot of good.

So I'm not saying it is bad or bad.

I am saying that it's good.

So what are we saying about this?

Let me start off with a few things, and let me just say these are the questions I am going

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