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ADHD TIPSS [please😪]

So like have adhd well im not actually diagnosed however im on the waiting list to get tested by my gp and yhe aait is like 2 year minimum 😭 ive waiting for like a year now i havent heard anything

Anyways im wondering if u guys have any tips gor people who are struggling with adhd or at least the symptoms 

Ill give you my symptoms so u can understand me more

I forget something right after someone said it or if i say something out loud/in my head 

I lose things e.g my oyster card ive lost it like 6 times in a year 💀

I find it hard to concentrate in lesons i dont enjoy e.g in english and geography, i get told off for talking in those classes ALOT [also when i was younger/ in primary school]

I daydream LIKE ALOT i daydream pretty much 24/7 everytime i listen to music i daydream i cant listen to music anymore beacyse i start daydreaming 

My room is SOOO mesy like my mum is really anrgy cus of it, if someone tries to move my stuff/ clean it up i get really anxious cuz idk where any of my stuff is now

I forget to do homework i dont get told off for this becayse people in my class always reminds everyone in lorning form time before classes so i actually do it if not i will probably never do my homework 💀

Its very hard to make do something like studying its SOOO boring im quite lucky beacuse im a gifted person so im in top set so i dont have bad grades like at all, my mum complains/is confused on how i do well in school but never studys

I have this thing idk if its a adhd thing but i only eat/crave one certain food for like moths to years then i randomly dont like it anymore e.g when i was young like 6-10 i had this HUGE obbsesion with tea 3 times a day minimum, im surprised i havent dies cuz of this then it was chees strings,shin ramyun and right now its fried chicken wings 🤤

I TALK ALOT even tho im VERY introverted people always say i talk to much or im over the top and i was kinda bullied/ treated differently cuz of especially in primary and kinda now :/

My brain is all over the place my brain is thinking one thing while mouth is saying something else sometimes is jumble up word cuz of this

I cant really tell sarcasm somethimes people say something and i dont understand what they are saying are they being serious or not or like they dont understand what feeling im trying to convey i dont enjoy talking to people anyways its a struggle to understand what they mean especially online a but ironic sorry 😭

I get distracted easily e.g i was reading this romance book its was really cringy i only got the second sentence then i decided to make my on romance book full of tropes cuz the book i was reading was not interesting i completely forgot about the book in my hand i didnt realise until liek 30 mins late 💀

Thats all the sypmtoms im gonna put cuz its getting REALLY long u dont have to read all of it but anyways i hope u can help me 


Ducky <3

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2 time diagnosed and currently awaiting medication (for months now, the wait is unfortunately real)

Most of this does seem to match criteria or at the very least matches with some of my experiences so i think you todally have it. The food thing doesn't though so thats probably not an ADHD related thing.

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thanks so much that gave me a bit of validation cuz some people say that everybody feels likes this and that it is all in my head :)

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