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welcome to my page!!!!! !! !!!!

hiii hiiiiii welcome 2 my page >__<

nice to meet you, i'm Exometheus, Exo, Exomi, whichever you prefer.
i'm 21 from the west coast of the united states of america.
she/him/they pronouns. anything goes!!

i love to listen to music. except when i hate music. sometimes i do hate it.
the past 2 years i've been listening to an obscene amount of skramz.

my favorite bands are title fight & the story so far. it's hard to choose. i have a title fight tattoo so i just tell people they're my favorite, but if i'm being real it's tssf no questions.

check my last.fm page and leave a comment, i'll return the favor and follow you back :3

uhhhhhh i mostly made this page as a quick css refresher since i want to design a website archive of my own. but i also want a way to network with people through my content.

I LOVE SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes i'll post a lot about my ideas and findings and whatnot. i started writing a short philosophical/theoretical/cosmic manifesto of my core beliefs about this experience (spiritual/life-long). i'll probably post snippets of it if i ever feel like it. i don't know if i'll feel like it.

thank u for reading <3 if this is the last thing i write, i swear that i'll think of you every night.

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